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Reasons for solar energy

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  • Steve Stelzer
    FYI: a great lesson on solar energy from the Greenbuilding Digest. Steve Stelzer .......many other people miss the whole point of using solar energy. There
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2001
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      FYI: a great lesson on solar energy from the Greenbuilding Digest.

      Steve Stelzer

      .......many other people miss the whole point of using solar energy. There
      are MANY reasons:
      Reason #1 - It is the "IDEAL" source of energy simple because it is
      every day. It comes in many varieties that seem to suit your particular
      local in the form of wind, sun, water, bio gas, wood, etc. and of course you
      can mix and match systems to again suit your particular energy needs.
      Reason # 2 : There are NO costs associated with "delivery " of solar
      energy to your site, unlike fossil fuels which require transmission lines,
      open mining, blasting, digging, strip mining, laying power lines, transport,
      and finally conversion all of which cause BILLIONS of tons of pollution
      worldwide in doing all this busy work. Solar energy is delivered RIGHT to
      your "front door" and causes NO polution in the delvery of the energy
      Reason # 3: Solar energy is generated from the most awesome nuclear power
      plant in the universe - our star called the SUN the sun requires NO
      maintenance that I am aware of, sorry engineers yo cannot touch it or tweek
      Reason # 4: Once intsalled PROPERLY and CORRECTLY, solar energy collectors
      vertually require NO upkeep and VERY LITTLE maintenace compared to a
      system that uses fossil fuels to generate electricity or produce hot water.
      Reason # 5: As I am quite sure you are aware Dr Carmine, it requires
      ABSULTELY NO FUEL TO BUY FROM ANYONE to produce the energy (electricity or
      thermal energy) on site once a suitable collector is installed on site.
      Reason #6: Once the collector is purchased and up and operating the
      collectors product ABSOLUTELY NO EMMISIONS as do ALL fossel fuel sources
      and nuclear reactors, breeders or otherwise.
      Reason #7: Solar energy gives you piece of mind NO fossil fuel source can
      ever give you. That is an intangible , but none the less VERY valuable. It
      is controlled by NO one. It is free of politics and cartels at this point
      in time.
      Reaason #8: IT requires NO military presence and thus we could be using
      the money spent on "protecting or vital interests" for other more important
      things on this planet.
      Reason #9: Once the solar energy device is turned on it GIVES YOU BACK
      YOUR INVESTMENT day in and day out over its lifetime. That can NEVER be said
      for ANY fossil fuel generating system. The cost to decommision a nuclear
      power plant alone is in the BILLIONS of dollars. Guess what? The cost to
      a solar hot water heater is minimal and al the glass, copper and aluminum
      can be recycled very easy.
      Reason #10: Solar energy once paid for is vertually FREE!
      Reason #11: As the price of fossil fuels increase the "payback" of a solar
      energy system decreaases.
      Reason #12: The saving you get from a solar energy system by displacement
      of fossil fuel energy are TAX free.
      Reason #13: You can bank the energy savings (caused by NOT buying fossel
      fuel energy) and let it compound and at the end of its useful life one
      can more than purchase another system or take a well deserved vacation! One
      CANNOT do thsi with a fossil fuel generating system as it COST you
      money to :feed" it day in and day out!
      Reason #14: Solar enegy systems can be deployed in the field RAPIDLY,
      unlike fossil fuel plans or nuclear plants which take YEARS from start to
      finish simply becasue of their complexity.
      Reaason #15: Solar energy is ideal because the technology is not overly
      complicated and can be installed and deployed by most people with minimal
      education. One does NOT require. IT is NOT rocket science! It can b
      accesable to almost anyone, poor and rich alike!
      Reason #16: Solar energy DISPLACES a fossil fuel energy source, so when
      and if a blackout comes to your area guess what? YOU will have hot water or
      electricity when your neighbors may not!
      Reason #17: solar thermal energy is a great match for DHW and radient
      floor heating and cooling. With fossil fuel energy sources such as baseboard
      heat, steam heat, or electric resistance heat one uses WAY more energy than
      needed when a lower grade of heat will do the same thing!
      Reason #18: IN combination with energy efficent building practices the cost
      of a solar electric or solar thermal system one can drastically reduce the
      initial cost of a system, so that it is simply more affordable.
      Reason #19: It is "decentrallized power" and collectively it has the power
      to transform our world quicker than we may realize.
      The whole idea is to use solar energy devices FIRST and fossil fuel as an
      energy BACK UP. I always tell my customers...........you cannot predict
      the weather so have an insurance policy. It is called a back up natural gas
      hot water heaters (for DWH or radient floor heating), a grid to tie into as
      a storage battery for a line tie system (although the grid may nto be as
      steaady source as it once was historically or a back up generator for an
      "off grid" home. EVen in your home in NY you can acheive a 50%
      displacement in fossil fuel energy (electric, natural gas, prpane, fuel
      oil), so why not put solar thermal on your house NOW! I am quit sure the
      good doctor has a few thousand he could round up for the sake of your
      pocketbook and for the sake of the planet! If anyone wants to add to this
      list of reason why solar energy is the
      ideal energy source, please do so!
      John D'Angelo
      Renewable Energy Technologies
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