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  • evelyn sardina
    http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/08/michigan-solar-panel-factory-assembly-tasks-move-mexico.php?campaign=daily_nl ... From: evelyn sardina
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      Here is the article I was talking about and this company is in Michigan.
      You are right about the politics of it all. The thing is that while we are waiting
      for the big guns to move we can be making whatever changes we can at the
      levels that we are in. I have given an example of my daughter (woman) that
      works for a big corporation with more than 300 employees. She asked in during
      Christmas how could they recycle all the styrofoam cups the company provides for
      coffee. I told her to uncycle. That they should change to ceramic mugs and this would
      end the use of this awful product. She then proceeded to make a plan for the entire
      company and presented a proposal that included selling their cardboard (which they
      were paying tipping fees to dump) to a company that uses the cardboard and picks
      it up. They accepted the porposal and the company is saving 20,000 dollars a year by
      implementing all the changes. This is not even her area of expertise but she has
      two kids and she is worried about all the trash. A person asked me if she got payed
      for it. I said no. She just did it because she felt the need to do something. BTW she
      just got a job promotion. I am so proud of her! Women power is so important because
      we act out of concerm for the well being of the kids. I send e-mails on a daily basis
      to our politicians and hold hands acrosss the sand but my small and direct actions
      are something I experience and see on a first hand basis and makes me feel like I, as
      an individual am making those changes manifest. I thank you for the work you do as
      it is very needed and important. It is a battle you fight for all of us. Keep up the good
      work! Evelyn

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      Subject: RE: [hreg] Harland County
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      Date: Monday, August 16, 2010, 10:49 AM




      Making those personal changes is key.  It is the source of great change.  But we can affect the decisions of where those companies move based on policyCompanies are moving to Mexico because of economics.  If Texas changed its policy on solar, renewables, geothermal, etc, the economics would change and more would happen in Texas .  For the last 10 years, tons of companies have moved to states like California , Arizona , New Mexico , where as we all know, the policy for solar is very supportive. Even New Jersey , New York and Pennsylvania have good solar policy, are attracting companies and seeing implementation of solar generation.  But solar companies do not come to Texas because our policy does not support them.

      Thank you for sharing this. One thing I got out of watching these kind of documentaries

      is the power that women have to make change happen. I went from a family that had doors

      opened while the air conditioner was running and a husband that would change flourecent lights to incandescents to a husband that buys flourecent lights and turns the lights off after

      he walks out of a room. My daughter is turning the faucet off as she cleans so it does not waste energy, because she has come to understand that water is scarce and it takes energy to process it. I have not laid in front of a car to keep scabs from comming in my

      husbands work place but the battle has not been easy. Documentaries like this have helped me to educate my family. As you can see in the article I sent about solar companiesmoving to Mexico there is very little you can do about what a company is going to do. But I can make the decisions at home that make a huge impact especially when it comesto conservation. Coal companies get rid of the employees by blowing up the mountain tops.They no  longer provide jobs or benefits for the country. Solar companies are moving their operations to where the labor is cheap and they can pretty much do anything

      they want that will produce high profits.. Every decision counts and education is the key.

      There needs to be more education and everyone that we invite to participate in this forum

      will be smarter for it.

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      From: Tyra Rankin < tyra@... >
      Subject: [hreg] Harland County
      To: hreg@yahoogroups.com
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      Texas is not a coal mining state, so most of us don’t have direct experience of the coal miners’ long struggles like those in Virginia , the Carolinas and Kentucky .  This documentary about the efforts of Harland Co. Kentucky to unionize during the 70s shows the heart breaking suffering endured for meager wages and benefits.  Of interest is the statement that 70% of coal is used by oil companies.  If the figure is accurate, Texas has a much bigger hand in coal mining than most of us know.


      Watch on Hulu.





      Hi Tara


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