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993Olympic Energy

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  • jclem412@aol.com
    Apr 30, 2001

      Congratulations on a successful Earthday. We are adjusting to our new home
      and had not participated in formal activities here on the Olympic Penninsula.
      The local hardware store was handing out rainwater collection barrels, of
      which we missed out. However, Diane had participated in an earlier shore
      watchers workshop and learned alot. Earthday for us was a walk on a lovely
      beach at a state park nearby, with Diane explaining erosion, fish cycles,
      soils, geology, and native wildlife.

      To me, the shore is kind of a metaphor for man meets nature. Nature is in a
      state of flux at shorelines, while man continues to build the view homes,
      docks, and bulkheads in places they have no business. I would say that
      underground we may have petroleum resources, and in the sky solar resources,
      but here on the O.P. there is something to be said of the resources in the
      scenery shed. Mmm.

      On the way up last month, along I-5 in northern California, I spotted a van
      with a familiar looking object prominently displayed upward - a PV module.
      See the attached jpeg file. Note that I took the picture while driving the
      Ryder truck. Along the TX 2 WA route I had seen wind farms, solar PV, solar
      water heaters, and even a small hydro plant. Mmm.

      Our new address and phone:

      907 - 19th Street
      Port Townsend, WA 98368
      (360) 379-2536

      Take care and keep chuggin'.

      Jonathan and Diane Clemens