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9876Re: [hreg] Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - Great BP Video

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  • Ed Sarlls
    Jun 5, 2010
      Same problem - a disagreement on the rig about the better course of action. The "company man" I'm not sure which one vetoed the driller's recommendation (on IXTOC) to cut the string above the drill collars and let the collars fall to the bottom for recovery after the well was brought under control.  At least that is what a driller told me on a rig one night in Montana.
      The BOP shear rams wouldn't then and won't now cut through drill collars.
      Human error (Major Screw-up) seems to be common to a lot of major disasters. I believe that the problems on Horizon extends through many years of government regulations, "industry recommended practices", well design, events on the rig leading up to the fatal night.
      There are several interviews on youtube in anyone can stand to watch.
      As sad as it may be - this will happen again if we don't learn from this.
      Ed Sarlls, Jr.
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      I am being careful not to encite a debate but this is too good not to share. Let me know your thoughts, let your politcians know your thoughts too. Deja Vu?

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