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9864Re: [hreg] Solar Reserve

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  • William & Cynthia Stange
    May 29, 2010
      First and formost I would like to see some "super-sleuthing" into what happened to Tesla's electric vehicle design.His design from the 1930's is still a mystery. Why? As a component of electric vehicles the regenerative charging would have to be expanded upon. As far as physics involved I think it's obvious that electric motors win the prize at close to 90 % efficient as opposed to less than 20% efficient for combustion engines. My teenager would call that a "Duh." Unfortunately what I think is also inevitable is the way we drive, that will be the hardest conversion of all. Long associated with the freeedom in America is the automobile. Easy Mass transit will have to happen around major cities, combined with park and rides. The whole equation will have to look different, a very hard change for Americans.

      From: Bill or Dorothy Swann <dbswann4@...>
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      I might add that to this discussion, that if large scale adoption of electric vehicles happens over time - I think it is inevitable - that the daily use of kWatts might invert, to where the peak occurs when most are charging their vehicles at 3 AM. I would be interested in comments.
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