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  • James McKethen
    Jun 4, 2010
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      what is the next step?

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      Subject: RE: [hreg] I like solar and wind energy


      There are plenty of mea culpas to go around regarding which party(s) are ultimately responsible for the Deepwater spill.  I too believe that a transition to other forms of energy is inevitable but the world didn’t become dependent on petroleum overnight and it will take years for other forms of energy to become both sufficient and fully integrated.  In the interim, be it ten years or fifty, what we need is for the existing technologies to be used in the most responsible manners possible.  What I find most shocking about this accident is that there was no rapid means of dealing with a blow out should there be multiple system failures.  To be fair, once the failure occurred, the situation confronting BP was one of huge technical challenges bordering on the impossible.  Right now I think we should all wish BP as much luck as possible in capping this thing and stopping the outflow of oil.  Nobody except the lawyers are going to come out ahead on this one.

      Tom Scarsella

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      Thanks Robert

      FYI, BP is one of the largest companies that produce Solar Panels for industrial use and commercial places, etc. We use lots of their system in the oilfields - especially in remote areas such as opening/closing valves in pipelines in remote areas in the US & abroad. They are highly reliable but they are expensive for residential use.

      Ahmad Solomon

      --- On Thu, 6/3/10, Robert Johnston <junk1@plastability. com> wrote:

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      Subject: RE: [hreg] I like solar and wind energy
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      Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 7:16 AM


      This board/group has a mix of scientists, engineers, renewable energy representatives, homeowners, hobbyists, general tinkerers…etc.  There are those that love to rant against corporations, big oil, etc.  I personally like to read postings from people with inside knowledge, whether they be in the solar industry, oil industry, or whatever, so long as related to renewable and sustainability (and I think some peripheral discussion of alternatives like oil, nuclear, etc., fit into that discussion).  I don’t care for rants that much.  I think Ahmad has made a number of valuable contributions to this discussion on BP/oil spill situation (which was not started by him), and I think it is a shame that he is being asked to shut up (and so rudely).  Diversity of opinion and information is how we learn, and that is why I participate here.  For those that want this to just be an activist group pushing a leftist anti-corporate agenda, this may be unacceptable.  But the reality is that big corporations are also behind the solar industry.  Hmmm…. Come to think of it, anybody heard of BP Solar?  GE Wind Power?  Shall we attack GE wind power for the role GE played in the derivatives/ banking scandal? 

      Why don’t we just accept the diversity of views, and if you don’t like a particular slant—whether leftist, centrist, or rightist, whether pro-corporate or anti-corporate—just skip the post or else post a response (without personal attacks)?


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      Subject: [hreg] I like solar and wind energy



      Why did I choose solar as my Identification?

      I chose solar energy as my ID because I believe in it & I believe it is the cleanest and the most abundant energy source.  Installing mega size solar power stations across North Africa could supply much needed energy source to Europe.  This project is about 5 years away.  Today, Spain & Germany are two of the biggest producers of solar/thermal energy in the world.  The US is way behind because the Americans love their SUVs and they don't give a damn about what the rest of the country and the world think.  America is the only country where people have more SUVs than cars. 

      Nearly all Americans are drug addicts whereby oil is the drug and the Americans are junkies.  They need to wage wars on other countries to get a supply of their drug habits.

      Question: howmuch impact HREG member have made on the general public to switch to renewable energy?  I am sure you have but not very significant.

      On the other hand I have been proposing large size solar projects to other countries.  I am now in discussions with a group in one country to install big solar power stations in the order of 10 MW and larger.  In fact, I am proposing to the country to make solar energy as a required course in high schools and to encourage younger children to build solar panels for toys.  It does not have to work but it will generate their interest at early age.  I am telling you this in case any one on this board doubts my seriousness in renewable energy.

      I defended BP not because I want to defend oil companies, even though I spent 41 years in the oil industry. I just like the truth be told & I believe the mainstream media are some of the biggest crooks in America.  They are controlled by a few priviliged group of people and they have an agenda to push. They caused the Wall Street disaster and it was not by oil companies. Once more, the Gulf of Mexico spill was an accident.

      I have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest minds in America.  I believe that I could apply some of the technology that I have learned in the oilfields to improving the world we live in.  And that's why I intend to do. 

      Ahmad Solomon 

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