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  • justin@gulfcoastrenewableresources.com
    May 6, 2010
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      This was in the Galveston County Daily News today.
      Justin Owens

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      Hey LaVerne,
                               Thank you for the post! My, you have been busy, everywhere. I have just posted on FB a link to the BP whistle-blower. The lack of legislation for requiring acoustic BOP,s is an amazing story. So much as a people do we have to gain from this accident. In the twelve years I've lived here I was told by all the oil people how safe drilling had become and the technologies were beyond reproach. Well they were a little quiet this month. I missed your lecture at Georgia's last week,but, thanks to you, I keep up with what you are doing. I am working almost seven days a week as the construction and remodeling world has been turned upside down.
       Continued success to you and you company and may someday all work will be done with a sustainable mindset.
      With great regard,
                                    Bill Stange

      From: LaVerne Williams <laverne@environment assoc.com>
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      Worth reading


      Wednesday 5 May 2010

      Slick Operator: The BP I've Known Too Well
      Greg Palast , Truthout: "I've seen this movie before. In 1989, I was a fraud investigator hired to dig into the cause of the Exxon Valdez disaster. Despite Exxon's name on that boat, I found the party most to blame for the destruction was ... British Petroleum (BP)."
      Read the Article



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