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9655RE: [hreg] Re: Wind turbine?

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  • Kevin Conlin
    Mar 24, 2010

      Yes, I’ve looked into them and also talked to their reps in Austin a few weeks ago at a trade show.


      For a large company like Honeywell, it’s a remarkably bad product.


      For starters, no wind turbine can generate power at 2MPH, and mounting a wind turbine on your roof is a really bad idea from both a performance and aesthetic standpoint.


      Additionally, at that level, the wind speed is low because of ground drag, and the turbulence created by the roof and surrounding trees will subject the turbine to high stresses and non laminar flow.


      If you really want to determine a turbines efficiency at 2MPH, do the math.  At 2MPH it is putting out 1/2000th of full power, so why even bother saying that? 


      Because people believe it without really understanding the physics.


      Sorry, I don’t like the machine at all, but then again, that’s why I’m a curmudgeon.


      Best Regards,  Kevin


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      Has anyone looked further at the Honeywell "bicycle wheel" turbine, supposedly already available through Ace Hardware?  The way I remember, it can generate electricity starting at 2 mph, and is safe up to some very high speed.
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