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9569retrofitting fireplace to make energy-efficient?

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  • Andrea Wisner
    Feb 7, 2010
      We have realized this winter that the fireplace in our house has no function except to suck all the heat in house out the chimney. Rather than sealing it off, is there an inexpensive do-it-yourself option to turn it into a space-heater of sorts? I'm thinking gas, but maybe electric. If gas, what would be the best option for venting?
      We do already have gas heat, although it's not set up properly and we've been using electric space heaters in kitchen and bedroom and leaving the rest of the house cold. The gas source is just outside the chimney.
      Also, I'd love to receive recommendations of someone to integrate the gas with our new AC system, which wasn't done for some reason. Or are we better off not using the gas for heating the house?
      Any (inexpensive) suggestions would be appreciated.

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