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938Re: [hreg] Earth Day

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  • Feliciano Olivero
    Apr 5, 2001
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      I have the material from TXSES. I will be traveling tomorrow, but will be
      back late at night.
      Saturday early morning I'm planning on going to the site, lets say at
      8am. I will need the
      cellular phone number available at the stand in order to get the help to
      get in.
      I have printed materials and banners.
      Please advise cellular phone number.
      Feliciano Olivero

      On Tue, 3 Apr 2001 14:09:53 EDT ChasMauch@... writes:
      > Hello everyone,
      > Regarding passes - we were given 8 of them. So far I have mailed 3
      > to Oral
      > (he is bringing two of his students with him to help set up the
      > solar panels
      > etc) and 3 to Mike for he and Andy and someone else - he told me who
      > on the
      > phone but I forget. Still have not heard from James but have been
      > assuming he
      > will need one and I will need the other.
      > However, as I reacall before it was not that hard to gain access
      > without
      > using the wristband, especially if you come early before the gate
      > opens
      > officially around 10am, so we should be able to arrange to save one
      > or two
      > for use by others who need them. Certainly the $20 entrance fee
      > seems really
      > steep and no one should have to pay that.
      > Becky Merritt, I understand that you plan to come from 2 til 4 and
      > need a
      > pass. We could have someone meet you at the gate at 2 and either
      > give you a
      > pass or make some kind of arrangements. Do you know anyone mentioned
      > above
      > who you would recognize or could we work out some other way to
      > recognize each
      > other? Anyone have any ideas?
      > Charlie
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