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9369Re: [hreg] Re: Do it yourself Solar Panels

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  • Garth & Kim Travis
    Nov 6, 2009
      David, you have not been in trouble with the list owner, in case you
      noticed. I too am heavy into DIY. I have a store bought solar cooler,
      it has never worked as well as my homemade funnel cooker.

      However, the name of the group is Houston Renewable Energy, not
      Reuseable. I like you name, it is a good one.

      This group is mainly for people that want to be part of renewable energy
      but can not do DIY for many reasons. Yes, there is a bias against
      DIY, but don't let that bias drive you away. Some of us are heavy
      DIYers and enjoy reading your posts.

      Bright Blessings,

      offgridhomesteading.com wrote:
      > I am just appalled at the feeling I get from this group, I have seen
      > numerous emails seeming to steer people away from DIY and more towards
      > buy my manufactured crap, don't get me wrong yes manufactured are
      > built with all the tools needed to make them but I just refuse the buy
      > manufactured mentality this group seems to have, even down to the
      > Solar cookers with brand new materials instead of recycled a few weeks
      > ago, maybe I am wrong IDK. Maybe I expected different when I seen the
      > name Houston Reusable Energy Group, I hoped for something more people
      > based as in let me show you how if you don't have the thousands of
      > dollars to make other people richer buying their mass marketed, mass
      > manufactured products. I guess I was wrong.
      > David
      > OffGridHomesteading.com
      > Living off the GRID in Texas
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