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  • Russell Warren
    Nov 6 7:54 AM
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      I am not sure what you are trying to say in your response.  Below you are stating that DIY is for people who don't have thousands of dollars.  People are trying to tell you that you will actually save money by buying panels from a reputable manufacturer.  Furthermore those panels are tested to be safe in a number of manners that your own DIY panels can never be.
      One fundamental issue is that buying new materials and in mass quantities is far cheaper than using recycled material.  That alone is probably the number one issue our world faces.  Peoples wallets dictate their decisions far more than their social or moral responsibilities.  It sucks, but it is the way the world works.
      The problem with renewable energy right now is it is only encouraged by a few enthusiasts.  This list is trying to help bring renewable energy to the masses, and quite frankly I believe they are targeting the right audience.
      Everyone has encouraged you to try a small DIY kit for education, and testing, but they also concur that on mass scale, it is not the best solution for many reasons.  Just because you don't like the answer they gave you, does not make it the wrong answer.
      This list is for all people with interest in renewable energy, and just as much as you feel it should not be pointed to "greedy" corporations, it should also not be restricted to a very small percentage of people that would actually take on the kind of project you are looking at.
      I think what you are doing is great, but don't cut down other people for doing great things either.
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      I am just appalled at the feeling I get from this group, I have seen numerous emails seeming to steer people away from DIY and more towards buy my manufactured crap, don't get me wrong yes manufactured are built with all the tools needed to make them but I just refuse the buy manufactured mentality this group seems to have, even down to the Solar cookers with brand new materials instead of recycled a few weeks ago, maybe I am wrong IDK. Maybe I expected different when I seen the name Houston Reusable Energy Group, I hoped for something more people based as in let me show you how if you don't have the thousands of dollars to make other people richer buying their mass marketed, mass manufactured products. I guess I was wrong.

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      I too, would not recommend trying to power your home with a DIY solar kit; however, it would be a great small project for someone with some time and a garage to "tinker" in. Building your own module to power a small device can be fun and a great learning experience for those who don't know the mechanics of PV technology. I bought a small panel from Academy and use it to charge my camping lanterns, or use it to run a small radio that normally runs on a 9 volt battery. My kids love it and it gets a lot of attention when we are at the beach. I have not yet built one myself, but I'm sure it could be a fun project. For those of us who normally deal with large manufacturer' s panels, building your own for small, controlled situations could bring a sense of pride. But again, the notion of building your own to power your home is like most have already said...a bad idea.
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      That's an excellent point, Steve, the potential for a high voltage DC fault or fire is very real.
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      A further constraint to DIY Solar Panels is code compliance. Houston, for instance, requires solar panels to be listed by a testing agency as part of the permit process. These tests cost money. Part of this huge cost is recouped by manufacturers in their panel prices. DIY panels would not be allowed in Houston's jurisdiction.

      BTW, this is not big brother; it's health, safety, and welfare of the public. The City also requires a structural engineer to certify that the panels and the structure they are attached to will withstand 110 mph winds. Anyone want a loose solar panel flying through their house in a hurricane?

      Steve Stelzer

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