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9346Film Showing -- Houston, We have a Problem

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  • Robert Johnston
    Nov 2 3:29 PM

      A UN film festival was recently brought to my attention.  See the link for complete details.  The listing below is for this coming Sunday (Nov. 8).




      6:30-8:30pm - HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM:

      Take a look inside the energy capital of the world to see the truths about oil, from Texas oilmen themselves. For decades politicians have decried our addition to foreign oil, yet US energy policy has stayed largely defensive with little focus on sustainability. Now in the face of growing competition for oil, new forms of Wildcatting in alternatives have emerged. And many within the industry are starting to realize we must change, advising that it is going to take everything to meet America’s future energy needs. Director:  Nicole Torre - Producers:  Nicole Torre, Eric Mofford (83 minutes)

      With Shorts:
      • Galapagos Evolving (
      Ecuador/USA) Director/Producer: Michele Zaccheo
      One of the Last (Italy)
      Director: Paul Zinder, Producer: Maurizio Marmorstein and Paul Zinder


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