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9303Houston will double Texas' solar power capacity with new solar power plant

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  • jcargas@aol.com
    Sep 24, 2009
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      Just in case you'll missed this morning's announcemet in the Chronical that the City of Houston has committed to purchasing the output of a 10 MW solar power plant to be built here in Houston, I have included the link below.  It is important to know that the price quoted is essentially static so that as inflation increases slightly each year, the true cost will decrease.  It is also worth noting that the City will be getting all of the Renewable Energy Credits generated.  This may become more important in the future if large consumers, like the City of Houston, are required to reduce their carbon footprint.  Houston will not need to spend tax payer dollars to purchase any credits. It will mearly go to the bank of credits this plant, and other projects, are generating.  Oh, and by the way, it is also good for Houston's air quality.

      Solar power may shine for Houston

      If council OKs $40 million deal, NRG will create largest such plant in Texas by July


      I would appreciate hearing from HREG members what they think of the announcement.  If you want to make your comments public, you can do so on the above Chronicle web page below the story.
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