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9252Sunday talk on "Coping with peak oil & climate change"

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  • Nan Hildreth
    Sep 3, 2009
      On Sunday, September 6, Mark Juedeman of Transition Houston will
      explain how they help folks prepare for Peak Oil and Climate
      Change. His talk will be at the monthly meeting of Houston Climate
      Protection Alliance at 1:15 pm at First Unitarian Universalist
      Church, 5200 Fannin. The Transition Movement brings people together
      who are concerned about "how can our community respond to the
      challenges, and opportunities, of Peak Oil and Climate
      Change?" Mark is a petroleum professional and rides a bicycle.

      The Transition Movement is a grass-roots initiative and process to
      address the twin crises of climate change and peak oil. Originating
      in the UK, it has spread worldwide in just three years, with
      Transition Towns established on every continent save
      Antarctica. Transition seeks to plan for energy descent, aiming for
      local resilience through relocalization of all critical aspects of
      the economy: food, merchandise, health, transportation, energy,
      etc. Transition Initiatives emphasize a positive community response
      to climate and petroleum challenges, recognizing that uncoordinated
      individual efforts may be too dilute and government efforts often too
      wrong, too little, and too slow.

      In his talk, Mark will explain:
      * Origin of the Transition Movement
      * Elements of the Transition process
      * Examples of Transition efforts from around the world
      * Transition Houston and neighborhood Transition Initiatives
      * Upcoming Transition events and projects
      * Training for Transition class to be offered in November

      Transition Houston holds monthly meetings on the first Monday of
      every month from 7-9PM at Urban Harvest, 2311 Canal Street, Houston,
      and all are welcome to attend. Their website is

      For more information, contact Nancy Edwards 713-661-9737
      needwards@... or Nan Hildreth 713-842-6643.

      Nan Hildreth 713-842-6643

      Action is the antidote to despair....
      Joan Baez