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9177Re: [hreg] Cost of solar PV installed.

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  • Garth & Kim Travis
    Aug 3, 2009

      Once again, urban vs rural and this list does serve surrounding areas.
      In the rural areas, you pay to get hooked up to the grid, depending on
      how far they need to run the lines, it can be thousands.

      I use the words 'home ownership' to mean actually owning a home. Not in
      the process of buying one, which is what having a mortgage is. When I
      teach finances, I point out how many times over you are going to pay for
      that house if you run your mortgage out, at least 3 or 4 times. Home
      ownership is great if you pay the place off ASAP, then life's little
      disasters aren't so bad to live with. Many people don't understand that
      they are renting when they opt for a mortgage of the type that just pays
      the interest. They will never own the place. And yes, buying at the
      top of the market hurts, you can wind up owing more than the house is worth.

      But with all things, the costs depend on circumstances. I know many
      people that are off grid since it was cheaper than having the grid
      connected. I use PV in my out buildings for the same reason, it is

      Your comments about: " For me personally, PV should be a trouble-free
      system with costs equal to renewable energy purchased on the grid with
      the full support of professionalcrews/maintenance included." Are
      funny. I wish the grid was that dependable. We purchased our first
      large inverter [powered by our tractor running on waste veggie oil] to
      be able to power the freezers and fridges when the grid is down.
      Renewable energy grid is not an option here.

      Self Sufficiency will cut costs of everything, if you are willing to do
      the work. Maybe this is why some of us find PV affordable and others do not.

      Bright Blessings,

      Robert Johnston wrote:
      > Kim, you've raised some interesting points. I'll try to address each below.
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