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  • James McKethen
    Aug 2, 2009
      Sometimes the fan is too close to the ceiling, it doesnt allow the airflow you are looking for.

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      Subject: [hreg] Why is it that...


      When I  stand  under  a cieling fan I can hardly feel the air blowing?
      I know this:
      The best  blades  need to be at a  certain pitch
      The blades  need to be reversed  for summer and winter accordinly
      You need at least 5 blades  on the fan
      All above things considered, when I stand  near  a standup fan or one of those air  circulators it  feels so much better even when the blades are very small compared  with that  of a celing fan. I have seen the new ceiling fans that look like a two in one and was wondering if this really works or makes a difference since  the blades of the fans are a lot smaller (because  they have to fit two fans in one) for each of the side by side fans.

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