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9016Re: [hreg] Capital Investment Needed per MW for Solar, Wind, Coal Fired,

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  • Philip Timmons
    Jun 30, 2009
      You are correct about the apples to apples part of CSP. 

      That is because after CSP is built, the operations and maintenance costs are so much lower than Coal, or Gas, for example.   For example, Coal in particular requires continual feeding of fuel, as well as massive shutdowns and rebuilds to keep the boilers functioning, as well as waste disposal issues.  And CSP can be done with no storage (very wise, mho) and drive its costs way down, but then not be a round-the-clock operation.

      Many of the costs are not always linear, either -- and sometimes larger is not cheaper.  But if you wish to pick some sample plant sizes and types, we can do new construction "shotgun" budgets for them, and compare numbers to numbers.

      --- On Tue, 6/30/09, Paul Cobb <luapbboc@...> wrote:

      From: Paul Cobb <luapbboc@...>
      Subject: [hreg] Capital Investment Needed per MW for Solar, Wind, Coal Fired,
      To: hreg@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 11:41 AM

      Cost of Development per MW -- I was wondering if anyone has a good study or reference that shows the avg. cost of developing electricity (new project) for coal, natgas, wind, solar (csp, non pv), etc.
      I have seen studies showing the average cost of producing power via coal, wind, natural gas generated, etc. There's a ppt. on the HREG site saying that it costs $1M per MW for wind and solar. I'm not sure of the source or if that still is accurate, etc.

      I would like to see what studies are recommended that show the cost (per MW) of new projects. I haven't been able to locate anything decent, esp in reference to CSP costs/MW, that compares apples to apples.

      Thanks in advance,
      Paul Cobb

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