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9015Capital Investment Needed per MW for Solar, Wind, Coal Fired,

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  • Paul Cobb
    Jun 30, 2009
      Cost of Development per MW -- I was wondering if anyone has a good study or reference that shows the avg. cost of developing electricity (new project) for coal, natgas, wind, solar (csp, non pv), etc.
      I have seen studies showing the average cost of producing power via coal, wind, natural gas generated, etc. There's a ppt. on the HREG site saying that it costs $1M per MW for wind and solar. I'm not sure of the source or if that still is accurate, etc.

      I would like to see what studies are recommended that show the cost (per MW) of new projects. I haven't been able to locate anything decent, esp in reference to CSP costs/MW, that compares apples to apples.

      Thanks in advance,
      Paul Cobb
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