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89[hreg] HREG Logo

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  • Jonathan Clemens
    Jan 3, 2000
      HREG team,
      Please find attached a proposed logo for HREG, a simple one defined in powerpoint.  I kept it to 3 colors - hunter green, black, and yellow.  I stated HREG, as well as wrote it out (hunter green), accompanied by a line drawing of a sailboat (black), with a glowing sun in the upper corner (yellow).  I think proportion-wise, the logo is scalable, larger or smaller, which will be good for any publication we may produce.  The sailboat, of course, represents the dependency on the sun, and implies a clean relaxing environment and the bayou city that is Houston.  Also attached is a preliminary (early!) draft of the HREG web page, defined in Frontpage 2000.  I did not put the logo in yet, but I will later.  I foresee 4 buttons to deeper pages with more details.  The front page prints out on one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet, and basically contains a summary paragraph, 4 buttons (Events, History, Join, Contact), and a Houston graphic (from a watercolor).  Comments are welcomed.  The plan is to have the web page up and running before the February 5 TxSES meeting.  Thank you.
      Jonathan A. Clemens
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