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  • Tyra Rankin
    May 11, 2009

      I just returned from a trip to Iran , where in addition to visiting parabolic concentrated solar thermal plants, I toured ancient sites, some dating back 400 BC.   In an arid desert environment, ancient homes were cooled using all the methods you mention below, every house had a wind chimney, rooms dug into the earth for cooling, and water frequently channeled underground.  Open courtyards included pools and fountains that cooled and provided air movement.  Wind chimneys were the most amazing – like standing under an attic fan.  The architecture was fascinating, simple and beautiful. 




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      I just uploaded the slides that Leonard Bachman used in his fantastic presentation on Passive Cooling at our last HREG meeting on April 26th.  His talk on cooling started on slide 51, but here you have his full set including  Passive Solar Heating (slides 1-50).
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/hreg/ files/Bachman04- 26-09rev. pdf
      Here are a few notes from the talk in case you missed it.
      Leonard is with the Univ of Houston School of Architecture and directs their Building Performance Laboratory, which he invited us to tour sometime.
      Passive heat sinks (for cooling) include air motion, the ground, bodies of water and the night sky.
      Try planting okra in front of your west windows for shading; it grows fast.
      He likes vented skin envelopes and conditioned space ducting; he has a whole house fan in his home.
      "Climate Consultant" is a great free software from UCLA: http://www2. aud.ucla. edu/energy- design-tools/
      He endorsed radiant attic barriers and evaporative roof cooling.
      Suggested reading: thermal delight in architecture by lisa heschong; Integrated Buildings by Leonard Bachman


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