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8707important--- tx house transportation committee members, must pass SB129 in only

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  • Randy Scott
    May 5, 2009
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      X-post from Houston Electric Auto Asoc

      EV enthusiasts-
      As you may know, SB 129 (the 35 mph ill) passed the Tx Senate unopposed, and now the House Transportation Committee must address it. The entire session ends in only 4 weeks, so they must move fast, selecting the ones they want and ignoring the ones they don't want. I urge you to forward this email to all HEAA members, and if you know e-address of Dallas or San Anton or Austin chapters, there too. Ask people to call and email THESE staffers below, all staff of the Committee members who actually prep their rperesentatives for the hearings/ votes.
      I have called each staffer listed, either spoken to them or left detail message, and am following up with following suggested language:

      "Dear __________, Transportation assistant to Rep. __________:
      We urge you to ask Rep _______ to push for quick passage of SB 129 this session. This great bill passed the Texas Senate unopposed, because it is so beneficial. It will raise the speed limit for existing zero emission all-electric cars (NEVs) from 25 mph to 35 mph. These cars have been legal across the USA for a long time on 35 mph roads, but limited to 25 mph--- this has the effect of discouraging people from using them. They are so safe that there has never been a single fatality accident with an NEV in anywhere our country. Imagine the absurdity of allowing unprotected motorcycles on 70 mph highways, no helmet required, but not allowing clean zero emission electric cars to go faster than 25 mph ! Please let Texas join many other states that have already made NEVs legal to drive at maximum 35 mph on streets having a 45 mph limit. Each e-car placed into service saves 9 to 12 tons of carbon gas emissions from entering our atmosphere, the bill will encourage more electric car usage, and it will not hurt oil companies in the slightest, as their use is so very limited, and the USA presently imports 70% of our domestic oil. Surely there is no reason not to hurry this bill to passage.
      Many thanks,
      _________________, member, Houston Electric Auto Association"


      Committee Members:

      Chair= Rep Joseph Pickett - staffers are Brian O'Reilly Brian.O'Reilly_hc@...
      512-463-0818 also

      vice chair Rep Larry Phillips-staffer Sara.Haenes@...
      Rep Bill Calagari- staffer Cole.Presnell@...
      Rep Yvonne Davis- staffer Natasha E but email via Alma.Allen-Johnson@...
      Rep Jim Dunnam- staffer Clinton.Knorpp@...
      Rep Ryan Guillen- staffer Natasha.Levinsohn@...
      Rep Linda Harper-Brown- staffer Deanna.Zimmerman@...
      Rep Ruth Jones McLendon- staffer Caryn.Malone@...
      Rep Tommy Merritt- staffer Lisa.Mayes@...
      Rep Todd Smith- staffer (ms) Tristan.Younghaus@...
      Rep Wayne Smith - staffer Amanda.Peters@...

      Thanks very much, hope you'll agree to get this out ASAP-
      only 4 weeks, the bill passes or dies.

      Rick Ehrlich
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