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85[hreg] Membership drive

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  • Ewert, Mike
    Dec 31, 1999
      I think one important thing for HREG to do is start a membership drive. I
      feel like we have our feet on the ground and we are ready to expand. Will
      anyone step forward and lead this effort? I would mainly see it as
      e-mailing an invitation to some of the environmental and other groups and
      encouraging current members to spread the word. Once we have our web site
      up, that will help.

      Second to adding to the HREG list is to encourage folks to join TXSES. I'll
      make an appeal to you right now. I was just reading the Fall issue of the
      "Reflector", the newspaper you get with your $25 annual dues. It has an
      article about passive solar home design guidelines. It starts by saying
      "Every home is a solar home" and goes on to give guidelines such as "West
      facing glass should not exceed 2% of the square footage of you house". If
      your house has this and your not in the market for a new one, you should
      consider shading. This is the type of information that I have heard many of
      you ask for. Of course there are other benefit to TXSES membership, not the
      least of which is showing your support for renewables. So, sign up today at
      www.txses.org !

      Attached is our current list of members. If you notice anyone missing, send
      them an e-mail. You should be able to view this list on the hreg web site
      http://www.egroups.com/group/hreg/ under members. You may have to
      'register' first, but it doesn't take long.
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