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84[hreg] December meeting minutes

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  • Ewert, Mike
    Dec 26, 1999
      Report on HREG December 5th meeting

      Since Kim wasn’t able to be at our last meeting, I will try to give a brief
      report for those of you who couldn’t make it. We met at TSU, which we have
      decided is our regular meeting place unless we have a special reason for
      meeting elsewhere.

      Attendees were:
      Mike Ewert, Oral LaFleur, David Bergeron, Charles Mauch, Gary Ashcraft,
      Cameron Payne, Scott Askew, James Ferrill, Bill Salathiel, Diane Clemens,
      Jonathan Clemens, Alen Chang, Rahsaan Arscott

      We gathered in the solar lab to take a look at the new battery free solar
      refrigerator that David Bergeron recently delivered to TSU as part of the
      NASA field demonstration grant. It was running great on this beautiful
      sunshiny day. Next we watched the “Infinite Power of Texas” video. Then we
      discussed several issues that are summarized below.

      Tour of solar homes and TXSES annual meeting: Jonathan Clemens told about
      the tour of solar homes in Austin, which attracted about 500, and we talked
      about the possibility of hosting a Houston tour next fall. He also reported
      on the Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES) annual meeting. The TXSES bylaws
      were changed such that each “recognized” local chapter has a representative
      to the board of directors. Jonathan is representing HREG for the year 2000.

      Roundup: Jonathan told about the Texas Renewable Energy Roundup – a green
      living and sustainability fair planned for Fredericksburg for Sept. 29 –
      Oct. 1, 2000. He encouraged HREG to participate and handed out bookmarks
      with the web address www.renewableenergyroundup.com on them. Response was
      good, so we will make plans at a later meeting. If you would like to do
      something on your own, you can find out how to volunteer on the web site.

      Engineering Science Technology Council (ESTC) of Houston: Gary Ashcraft and
      Bill Salathiel introduced themselves to the group and told about the
      consulting firm they operate. They are interested in fuel cells, hydrogen
      and renewable energy in general. The ESTC is an organization of
      organizations and performs such functions as organizing science fairs for
      school children. Dues are $25/year. Gary asked if he could be HREG’s
      representative to ESTC and the group agreed. Gary will be reimbursed for
      the dues.

      HREG status and “charter”: Mike Ewert briefly went over the group’s history
      and reported that we have 25 members [registered on the eGroup]. Our acting
      officers are:
      Mike Ewert – president
      Steve Stelzer – vice-president
      Kim Travis – secretary
      Jonathan Clemens – representative to TXSES board.
      Mike showed a draft “Statement of Organization” based on the TXSES bylaws.
      The group discussed it and made some changes. A copy of the edited version
      follows these minutes. Gary said he knew some lawyers who might be able to
      tell us if our plan for the organization is safe from a legal point of view.
      We are trying to keep things as simple as possible and use the TXSES
      umbrella to our advantage.

      Solar cars: Mike Ewert showed a video clip and told about the model solar
      car project that he and several co-workers at NASA have done for the past 5
      years with 5th graders at a school in El Lago. Kits and more information
      are available from Mike for anyone who is interested in promoting this
      renewable energy education project. Mike then told about how he hopes to
      extend this project to a higher level this spring by designing and building
      a go-cart sized solar car with students at Seabrook Intermediate School. He
      asked if HREG would be willing to commit $100 toward the project in exchange
      for use of the Solar-cart afterward. The response was “yes”. We will try
      to have the car ready in time for Earth Day.

      HREG Web page: Jonathan reported that he had spoken to Greg Nudd about
      having an HREG web page on the TXSES site and got a favorable response.
      Jonathan also had some ideas for the page, but we ran out of time so this
      topic was tabled until the next meeting.

      Next meeting: We plan to have our next meeting at TSU at 2pm on a Sunday
      afternoon late in January. Feel free to comment positively or negatively
      about the 23rd or 30th. Oral, please comment ASAP when you return to the
      US. Our topics for the meeting so far are HREG web site, charter and plans
      for Earth Day. If anyone has a feature topic to offer, please let me know.

      If there are any corrections to these minutes, please let me know or reply
      to the eGroup. Thank you.

      Mike Ewert December 26, 1999



      Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG)

      Statement of Organization


      The name of this organization shall be Houston Renewable Energy Group
      (HREG). The geographical boundaries of this organization shall be the city
      of Houston and its suburbs.


      The purpose of HREG shall be to further the development of renewable energy
      and related arts, sciences and technologies with concern for the ecological,
      social, and economic fabric of our community and state. This shall be
      accomplished through exchange of ideas and information by means of meetings,
      publications and public displays. HREG shall serve to inform the public,
      institutional and governmental bodies and seek to raise the level of public
      and government awareness of its purpose.


      “Membership” shall be open to any person who shares the aims of HREG as set
      forth under Article II. The primary means of communication for the group is
      through the HREG eGroup, but those without access to e-mail are also welcome
      to participate. See www.egroups.com/list/hreg for more information or to

      HREG is NOT a CHARTERED organization in and of itself. It has no dues.
      HREG is a recognized local “chapter” of the Texas Solar Energy Society
      (TXSES), which IS a chartered non-profit organization. HREG members are
      encouraged, but not required, to join TXSES. Local leaders are elected as