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  • Jack Wagner (HSN)
    Oct 29, 2008

      I don’t have a problem with nuke power per say as long as it’s safe and is not unfairly subsidized by the government. Of course, that brings up the whole question about what are fair taxpayer subsidies for the renewable sector. In a perfect world, the free market would decide but that’s probably not going to work this time around. With any luck, when the Fed gets through with the banks, they’ll throw a few billion our way J.


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      I posed a question on here last night whether it was the general
      consensus of folks on this board to consider nuclear power
      reasonable within our acceptance of "renewables" . Seems the general
      consensus is "no". Good.

      I have a unique perspective on nuclear power which I hope you all
      don't mind my posting here for your consideration. My husband is an
      Engineering Specialist at the South Texas Nuclear Electric
      Generating Station; On the other hand, I loathe the industry.

      It was not always so. I worked a stint at the pair of reactors
      myself; I once fell for the deception. One of nuclear power's
      biggest lies is their "benefit" for the local community. CNBC aired
      a special highlighting this about two weeks ago. They say its
      safe. They say it makes us independent of foreign sources. They
      say the waste issues will work themselves out. For the longest
      time, I did the easy thing: I ate what I was spoon-fed by the

      And then in 2005, STPEGS dropped a figurative nuclear bomb on our
      community: they, as many other nuke plants had already done,
      were "outsourcing" the jobs that had long been the backbone of
      nuclear energy's acceptance in our community.

      Now one might argue, "That's just good business", and for a moment I
      could agree, but then you have to acknowledge the hundreds and
      hundreds of millions of dollars in federal subsidies the industry
      requires (read: YOUR tax dollars being spent to fund overseas
      jobs). And that brings up the issue of how many $$$ should we, the
      American people, be required to feed into a fat, extremely
      profitable industry that uses up our water resources, creates
      hundreds of metric tons or radioactive waste, constantly emits
      radiation? And as proponents of safe, renewable options, how can we
      NOT fight an industry that uses up funds that would otherwise be
      available to develop efficiency technologies and true renewables?

      Just last week STP had a terrorist scare: A small plane flew into
      the designated "no fly zone" that surrounds the plant (due to its
      inherent risk as a terrorist target and general riskiness)
      initiating a security call which brought a fighter jet in to run the
      smaller plane off. Late in the same day (being huntin' season &
      all), an employee was leaving the building with a rifle case he had
      just purchased FROM THE ON-SITE COMPANY STORE!! when security over-
      reacted and called ALL available local law enforcement in from
      around the County, locked the plant down, S.W.A.T teams searched the
      building. Geesh! Its like living in a war zone. We have huge
      sirens scattered across our county to notify us "just in case". In
      fact, this week unit 2 lost its cooling ability for a full 14
      minutes. Just like the radioactive boron leak a few years back, it
      was an unforeseeable event until after it happened.

      Most of nuclear's risks are more insipid. Our cancer rates have
      risen 22% since fuel load. I lost both my great grand-mother and
      great grand-father to breast cancer. We have had to educate
      ourselves about how to shore our bodies up so we'll absorb less
      deadly radioactivity in the event of a leak (although the industry
      had failed to supply us with Potassium Iodide to protect ourselves
      even though federal law requires it). And the waste. Yucca
      Mountain is a joke. Nevada plainly doesn't want it and even if it
      were licensed and built, there are about 83 metric tons of waste
      awaiting disposal NOW. Yucca's capacity is 80 metric tons. Of
      course, the waste in Matagorda County won't be going to Yucca. Our
      fuel rods are a non-standard 14' long, the industry standard is
      12'. There is not a manufacturer in the world making storage or
      transport casks for 14' fuel rods. And guess what? The nuclear
      industry sued the federal government a few years back and WON a suit
      that alleged that it's the fed's responsibility to deal with nuclear
      waste. Now, in addition to operating subsidies, employee training
      subsidies, construction subsidies, loan guarantees, and the tax-
      payer funded catastrophic clean-up subsidy...now we're paying them
      to store their own waste! If we, the tax-paying public will pay
      them to store their own waste for eternity, why the heck would they
      want to miss that money-making opportunity? Not to mention, the
      citizens of Matagorda County (and you Harris County folks who are
      down wind) never got to have a radioactive waste hearing, never got
      to be officially declared a nuclear waste dump, we got no say in the
      matter at all.

      "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do
      nothing." (Edmund Burke) Please take a few minutes to educate
      yourself about nuclear electricity generation and don't be led,
      thoughtlessly, by the huge media campaign the industry would have
      you follow. It's important that we band together and fight this
      industry wherever opportunities present themselves. Talk to your
      friends, neighbors, family members, and most importantly, talk to
      your Representatives in local, state, and federal government.
      Insist that this madness end.

      Sorry I got so long winded, this is very important stuff.


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