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  • Gary Beck
    Sep 30, 2008

      This is not necessarily a renewable energy issue, with the exception of if you had a solar panel rip off part of your roof,  or if you had a tree remove a dormer (just inspected one) that is letting out your air conditioning.  


      We have always provides engineering design and inspection services for new builds, and renovations. Recently we have been active with storm related damage.  We provide a comprehensive engineer stamped report at the same price as before the storm.


      If any HREG members or their neighbors have storm damage requiring an engineer’s report, please contact us for a quote.


      Gary Beck, P.E., SECB, LEED AP

      Eco-Holdings LLC - Engineering Services

      4010 Blue Bonnet Blvd., Ste 114, Houston, TX 77025

      Tel: 713-377-4209, Fax: 832-201-5338 Cell: 713-530-1950



      Gary Beck is SECB certified in the Practice of Structural Engineering, a structural inspector for the Texas Residential Construction Commission SIRP program, and a listed Engineer for the Texas Department of Insurance Wind Storm program. Eco provides Engineering and Engineer's Inspection Services for Residential, Commercial, Lodging, Educational, Industrial and Government Facilities. Eco's design engineering services include AutoCAD based construction documents for permitting and building foundations, structures, storm water systems, and detention ponds; and Autodesk Revit based 3D Building Information Modeling for green building practices.


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