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8168Re:Dear Centerpoint Energy-

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  • Bill Tarbox
    Sep 30, 2008
      Hi Jay,
      No, unfortunately, I have not yet heard when they are proposing the hike in the solar tax credits for home owners. I heard this in an interview on KPFT 90.1 FM Houston. I've surfed around their web site for more info but there's nothing relating to details on the solar tax credit.
      Like you, I would jump at installing solar panels in a minute if I could get a reasonable tax credit and even a $4,000 is pretty alluring. As it is now, like many folks I know, I keep waiting for the prices to drop to get better deals but time is not on our side so I will probably "bite the bullet" in a year or two and get the panels. (Get a nice discount on the panels and system, no electric bill, possibly even sell excess power back to the grid? SWEET!!!)
      Bill Tarbox
      Magnolia, TX
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