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8158Re:Dear Centerpoint Energy-

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  • Jay Ring
    Sep 29 1:52 PM
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      There are a lot of reasons to go solar, some good, some bad, and some
      with subjective costs and benefits where reasonable people can disagreee.

      All I am saying is that you can't get Centerpoint (or anyone else) to
      pay for it. Companies don't pay for these things - their customers do.

      By the way, can you provide some information on the new $4000 credit?
      When does it go into effect? I've been planning on doing an install
      sometime around May 2009, but I would happily accelerate or delay to
      benefit from an extra 2K.


      - Jay

      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Tarbox" <btarbox@...> wrote:
      > Just to add to your argument for converting to solar, if we did so it
      > would reduce the need for coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuel
      > generated power sources. This alone, would help solve a number of major
      > problems facing us. It's now a well-established fact that green-house
      > gases (created from energy generation) has a direct link to both global
      > climate change and the recent development of more severe hurricanes (6
      > of the 10 worst hurricanes on record have occurred in the last 10 years,
      > 3 in 2005 alone). My point is, that converting to solar would also help
      > reduce the potential for even more devastating hurricanes. (Even our
      > "president" - who doesn't believe in evolution - has admitted he
      > believes Global Warming is real.)
      > I heard that one of the bargaining chips the opponents require to this
      > agreement Congress made to open the Atlantic coast to offshore oil
      > drilling was to include a doubling of the tax credit to homeowners
      > installing solar panels from $2,000 to $4,000. An industry expert said
      > it's a start but if they were serious they would have made it $10,000 to
      > $15,000. Then, who WOULDN'T go solar!? That is my biggest beef with the
      > energy crisis and the ridiculous plans they come up with (MORE subsidies
      > to the oil industry). And the big argument is that we can't afford to
      > make the changes overnight to renewable energy, it will take years to
      > develop technology. HELL YES we can! The technology is already here and
      > available. It the government was serious about solving the problem it
      > could be done "overnight"! (By the way, thank you, Mr. Reagan, for
      > gutting all the renewable energy programs President Carter initiated
      > while he was in office! Thanks for steering us BACK on course down this
      > road to dependence on foreign fossil fuel!)
      > Bill Tarbox
      > Magnolia, TX
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