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8109Re: [hreg] New HREG business members list

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  • Garth & Kim Travis
    Sep 1, 2008

      Is local, sustainable food part of renewable energy? If it is, may I
      suggest that listing our farmers may also be part of this.

      Obviously I think it is, but then again, I have a personal agenda, I am
      a sustainable farmer. Renewable energy is getting to be more and more a
      part of my business, especially since we have moved into aquaponics.

      At one time we had a member that did diesel conversions to run on veggie
      oil, I don't see them listed and I don't remember the email anymore to
      see if they are still members.

      Also, at this time I think we should issue an invitation to our new
      members to contact Mike to be added to the list. I would like to see
      most of the blanks on the form filled in, it would be nice if it was

      Bright Blessings,

      Michael Ewert wrote:
      > We have updated the HREG business members list and added additional
      > information. For your convenient reference, it is attached in MS Word
      > format. Please consider this a draft and don’t forward it on. And let
      > me know if you notice any errors please. Soon the final version will be
      > posted on our website.
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