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81[hreg] Re: HREG December Meeting

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  • ChasMauch@aol.com
    Dec 11, 1999
      Thanks for the feedback on my email suggesting that the HREG join the CEC,
      Scott. The CEC is a coalition of environmental groups so we would not lose
      our identity as HREG by joining. As you say the $25 dues includes a place to
      meet so that would be valuable when we don't have a better place. I feel sure
      we would get some publicity in the regular emails that David Crossley
      (President) and Alison Dodson (Administrative Director) put out, as well as
      possibly an article in their newsletter. These folks naturally have similar
      interests to ours and I feel sure we would pick up some new members. Also we
      would not seem like total strangers or outsiders if we win the Earth Day
      award again next year, which of course we will ;-). Would appreciate some
      input from others on this.
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