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80[hreg] Re: HREG December Meeting

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  • s askew
    Dec 10, 1999
      I agree we should join the CEC but believe we should
      remain with our own identity of HREG. Membership cost
      inlcudes being able to meet at their building so its
      definitely worth it.

      --- ChasMauch@... wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > Just remembered something that I meant to bring up
      > at the meeting this
      > afternoon but forgot all about. I think we should
      > join the CEC (Citizen's
      > Environmental Coalition), presumably as the local
      > "chapter?" of TxSES. This
      > would be a way of keeping up with the rest of the
      > environmental community and
      > also of letting people know that we exist since we
      > would be in their annual
      > directory, newsletter, and so on. I would be willing
      > to serve as our delagate
      > and attend meetings of the environmental roundtable
      > unless someone else would
      > like to have the honor, which I would gladly
      > surrender.
      > I can find out what it costs (I think $25 per year)
      > and other requirements if
      > you all want to do it. It would have been easier to
      > handle this at the
      > meeting but as I said forgot all about it. Any
      > thoughts?
      > Charlie Mauch
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