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7950Discovery at Spring Trails first solar subdivision close to Woodlands

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  • evelyn sardina
    Jul 11, 2008
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      I did the tour today. No model homes yet but plenty of enthusiasm..... The solar panels will be provided by General Electric. All 900 homes will have a standard 1 killowat and more can be added up to 3 killowatts total. They did say if you plan to add you need to get an inverter for larger capacity. I was curious to see how many trees they would eliminate and much to my surprise they are going to leave a lot of them in. They will place the solar panels on the roof top and on the trellises. If the systems are in different areas they will require two inverters but it can be done; say you wantted to charge your car and needed the extra energy.  They are going to recycle all of the homes water and use in the water needs of the subdivision including the pool irrigation and recreational areas.  Homes start at 170,000 dollars. One thing I could not understand is that of all the things they are doing but still  they are showing ( they have insulation and all that...) the ducts in the attic. The one thing that seems to be most important in building green these days. They had the radiant barrier you can see everything through glass.If you are curious about the subdivision you might want to check it out this weekend. They are open noon to 6pm.

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