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7882RE: [hreg] Why can't we do this in America

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  • Gary Beck
    Jul 1, 2008

      I love it. Just in time for the 4th of July.


      Okay, let me get this straight. You live in a country that leads by example and by goodness, and because it is the first one down the path, occasionally stumbles, but always has regained its footing.


      Yet, you think America, a country founded and shaped by immigrants, is a bad, dumb, bully. And mysteriously the countries that supplied America's immigrants are all good, smart, and peaceful.


      Hmmm,…maybe there's something in our water.


      My July 4th Responses:

      1. You are oblivious to the comfort and safety that is provided by this great country. Go rent 'Kite Runner' to adjust your perspective.

      2. Buy some solar PVs, disconnect your meter, and buy some sturdy lawn chairs since you will be more comfortable outside.

      3. Then sell your car, buy a bike, a Metro Pass, and start a vegetable garden. Then buy a beer cooler to set 'tween them lawn chairs.

      4. Finally, quit complaining and electing those crooks, and send me a list of their names - I'm from Joisey, …I know a guy who knows a guy….


      I worked for a German company for 5 years and have traveled to China many times. Great experiences and great cultures that each specifically value technology, engineers, designers, and education.

      And like the USA, also countries whose economies run 98% on oil, gas, and coal. So get used to it, buy only efficient appliances and cars, and design to use less.


      And Have a Happy 4th!


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      We have more sun in America than Germany does, how come we can't run the Southwest & especially Las Vegas entirely on renewable energy?  I suppose the crooks in Washington find it more profitable for the rich & powerful to invade countries like Iraq and take over their fossil fuel. 


      Germany’s Model Green City



      China’s Wind Power





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