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7695biobased insulation?

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  • William
    May 1, 2008
      As our Houston heat draws near and if Mr. Bush indeed lets the economic
      stimulus package out, my windows will be finished being purchased. Some
      of the items included will be removing old sheetrock on exterior walls
      (inside) and re-insulating. Sheetrock is relatively inexpensive (labor
      being my wife and I)and this gives instant access to the interior of my
      walls. I still have aluminum wiring that will be replaced ($$) and
      recycled, also basic plumbing inspections and sealing wall from outside
      air penetration plus bugs and the lot. Has anyone used this product?
      Will I need to integrate an outside air intake to offset making my home
      tighter? I am also looking at a rooftop exhaust fan (small as I can get
      away with) to pull air when cooking. The "energystar" oven appliance of
      ours has a ridiculous convection feature that exhausts oven heat into
      my home when finished cooking!! What type of engineer would think this
      is acceptable? Basically when done with cooking (unless using grill)the
      added BTU's will be taken out of conditioned air. Same with laundry
      areas. Any information out there,green builders?
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