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7549Re: [hreg] Re: [HoustonPeakOil] Bio-Fuels causing riots worldwide over food shortages

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  • evelyn sardina
    Apr 13, 2008
      It is not just the religious people or the poor having all the babies. Women now wait later to have children. They go to school to be educated  and have good jobs so they can be independent. By having babies too late in life and needing fertility pills to concieve.... we are facing an exponential problem that was not taken into consideration before. Women are having three or more children in one pregnacy and this is a major issue. How do you tell a couple that wants children that they can't use these drugs? These are usually educated people that have jobs. I recently saw a program on a couple that had twins and went for one more and instead they got 4 in one pregnacy. They now have 6 children. The thing is that this happens often. The parents are overwhelmed with child care and expenses and the world will be overwhemed when these children grow and need cars, homes and food. Angelina Jolie is trying to set an example by adopting but majority of people just want their own children. What a mess!!!!!!!

      "ajthomann@..." <ajthomann@...> wrote:
      Yes, but... It's not just  prices.  Simply put, too many people and not enough food.  The   is no 
      shining example to the world.  I wrote the following about 2 years ago in a different context, but I
      think it's relevant here and now since I personally can't surgically separate 'fossil' fuels vs renewable
      energy, from the issues of overpopulation, climate, and water and cropland losses.
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- - 
      In 1798, the Rev. Robert Thomas  Malthus was wrong.  He predicted mass  starvation when the 
      world's population exceeded what the world could feed.  He was wrong because he had limited
      data, and no crystal ball.  He was wrong as to when and how the catastrophe would arrive.

      We have better data now.  Earth's sustainable "carrying capacity" for human beings is between
      3-4 billion.  But current world population is well over 6 billion, and growing fast.

      The Biblical book of Genesis (
      1:28) ordered "be fruitful, and multiply; fill the earth, and subdue it".  
      Well, the Earth has been filled.  Why has that order not yet been rescinded? T
      he reasons (for
      many in what we now call the Evangelical Christian right) relate to ideas embodied in two Papal
      Encyclicals: "Casti Connubii" (1930) and "Humanae Vitae" (1968).  The latter was questioned as
      soon as it had been promulgated because it was known then that worldwide, upwards of 3 million
      people would continue to starve every year.  Someone calculated in 1968 that the two Encyclicals
      doomed 20 million Catholic babies to be conceived and born by the year 2000, for the sole purpose
      of starving to death.

      Many other Catholic babies did  not starve.  They lived on, and continue  to overfill the Earth.  Many 
      of them are now in
      and Central America , and they struggle to feed the next generations. 
      Millions of them have entered the
      illegally as they struggle to feed their families.
      Population control was at one  time perceived by some in   Latin America   as a plot to enslave their 
      nations by keeping them underpopulated while Americans and Europeans steal their resources. 
      We may have come full circle.  The current Bap-tholic government of our nation is denying much
      of the rest of the world the resources that might enable them to get their population growth under
      If our government continues to  allow the Earth to be increasingly overfilled, they are simply 
      aggravating the illegal immigration problem for many decades to come. Fences and armed guards
      will not hold back the hungry millions.  Just as water finds weak spots in levees, so too the
      desperate will find (or create) cracks and crevices along the border.
      The time has come for our  leaders to abandon unrealistic "convictions" and "beliefs", and  start 
      using reason and science as the basis for their decisions.  I hope they do so very soon, before
      human overconsumption of fossil fuels and potable water ruins our atmosphere, oceans and
      vanishing arable lands beyond the point of no return.

      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -
      - We are all Human beings here together. We have to help one another, since otherwise there is NO ONE who will help.
      - All countries need NO REGRETS strategic policies regarding every non-renewable resource, including water.
      - Plan ahead seven generations -- reduce all your consumption, and eliminate waste.

      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -

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