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7470Flat Screen TV Energy Usage Spreadsheet

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  • Gary Beck
    Mar 27, 2008

      My 32" boob tube is showing signs of failure so I have an excuse to buy a 'cool' new Flat HDTV.


      Cool has a dual meaning here. Cool meaning just plain cool, as in 'Look at my cool new TV' and cool meaning low energy consumption. Electrical inefficiency is directly proportional to waste heat generated by an appliance in my home that my AC must then burn even more electricity to remove.


      So being a green engineer I naturally start with HDTVs 2007 models ranked by energy usage. I copied this from CNET then deleted too small and too big models (for my needs and budget). Then I deleted all the  'poor' performers, some of which used 4 times the energy of the same size model.  Note that almost all are LCD with only 1 plasma TV remained on my list.  The model names in the spreadsheet should still have the link back to CNets general ranking and performance scores for each model.


      I will probably cross reference these to the latest Consumer Reports ranking and then finally price. At that point I will have the 'Nirvana' of flat screen TVs.


      Maybe a fellow HREG is in the same stage.  (If not put a big magnet on the back of your TV like I did when my wife was not looking)


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