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  • Susan Modikoane
    Feb 28, 2008
      Thanks for the link to your magazine.  It is really nicely done.  I especially enjoyed the article on the nano car:
      The reality could be different, critics say. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the number of cars in China could grow seven times by 2030 to 270 million, representing a huge first-time buyer market of what will most likely be lower cost models.

      Kumbakonam Sambasiva Venkataraman <dynamicyouth_development@...> wrote:
      Dear friend,
      I have joined this group today.
      I am K S Venkataraman, Associate Editor, Dynamic Youth magazine. Dynamic Youth is a free online English monthly HRD magazine dedicated to Global Youth Development. For further details please visit our website www.dynamicyouth. org
      Dynamic Youth issue for February 2008, with many interesting and useful features, is available in www.dynamicyouth. org for your kind perusal. Dynamic Youth is concerned with all the subjects relevant to modern youth of all parts of the world.
      Many items of interest on African scenario have been highlighted. Hon. Shola Olumola writes on Economic Partnership Agreement in his special column.
      Please also ask your friends to have a look at Dynamic Youth and share their valuable ideas with us.
      Articles on related topics are welcome. We are also interested to associate ourselves in youth development projects on a no-loss-no-profit basis.
      I hope to have a meaningful interaction with the learned members of this group.
      With kind regards,

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