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7351RE: [hreg] Commercial aircraft flight partial on biofuel

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  • evelyn sardina
    Feb 26, 2008
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      I am currently reading ENERGY AUTONOMY by Hermann Scheer. He talks about how Germany is doing it and how everyone else can too. He is very thourough and explains what Willie Nelson said this weekend when Amy Goodman interviewed him..... " Biodisel and other forms of bio mass works well only when used locally. If you have to transport it, it looses it's effectiveness" It should be used in conjuction with other forms of energy that interrelate and compliment each other. It is supposed to use something that otherwise would have been discarded and it should be done in a sustainable way."  Cna you say permaculture? Hermann Scheer ( as I interpret ) says that the main way is going to be descentralizing energy so that each area uses the form of energy that is most complimentary to him. I got the book from the University of Texas in San Antonio as an interlibrary loan. It took me about 3 months to get it 'cause you have to fight the college kids to get it. Might be better off getting at a book store. The book is full of information and detail as to how the whole thing can be done. Gotta read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evelyn

      Kevin Conlin <kconlin@...> wrote:
      I agree, in a world of dwindling resources a cooperative approach will be more sustainable than a competitive one.
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      Well, then consider this. I read in a newsletter this weekend that because
      people are getting upset at globalization and free trade, nations are
      becoming more self-sufficient, but at great expense. Witness: U.S. growing
      corn etc. for biofuel so that it can be less dependent on petroleum imports
      from the Middle East. Saudi Arabia installing water desalinization plants
      so that it can grow wheat in the desert and import less from US. Where's
      the sense in that? Seems to me that trading would be the better way to go.

      Robert Johnston

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