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7348RE: [hreg] Commercial aircraft flight partial on biofuel

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  • J P Malone
    Feb 26, 2008
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      I never mentioned "virgin product usage", that was your statement.
      The original question was "Does anyone know of a source that ranks the
      energy yield of biofuels per acre; replenishment cycle time, etc.?

      My question was not framed for a project definition for NASA level research,
      merely a request for information. Did not mean to irritate anyone.

      One thing that turns a lot of people off about the green movement is the
      Gestapo attitude that sometimes surfaces when less informed people try to
      learn more about how to be green.

      Personally, I think the place to start is not cleaning up, but stopping the
      continued pollution. Without stopping the growth of pollution we won't have
      time to clean up the mess that has already been done. Hopefully we can
      start both simultaneously. But that is strictly my poorly informed opinion.

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      Questioning is fine, but looking at it from a virgin product usage is a
      real problem and that is what your question was. Corn and soybean are
      food, now if you are asking how much fuel can be made from the waste
      products of each crop, then that is different. You need to expand the
      question to acknowledge the real crop and the available refuse, plus
      what will be needed to restore fertility to the field if you take the
      refuse. A straight line question of how much per acre will always give
      a bad answer that will lead to a further depletion of major resources.

      Bad lines of inquiry are always part of the problem. How you phrase you
      questions directs how research is done and what possibilities are
      eliminated. No human can investigate every line of possibility, that is
      why research is designed to answer certain questions. If the question
      are poorly phrased, the research is useless.

      The place to start is by cleaning up the wastes we have contaminating
      the planet. That line of inquiry coupled to conservation efforts will
      solve a certain percentage of the problem. Then and only then, should
      we be looking at any virgin product for fuel production.

      A big production research project would eliminate the conservation
      portion of what we need. Most people would go on being energy hogs and
      our environment will continue to be destroyed. We need the fuel crunch
      to end the spoil brat era of western societies. Few will volunteer to
      grow up, if not forced to. The volunteers are here, and places like
      this. But what percentage of the population are concerned enough to try
      to learn about conservation and fuel alternatives?

      Bright Blessings,

      J P Malone wrote:
      > Not sure how a question can be part of the problem.

      Original question:
      "Algae fuel yields have not yet been accurately determined, but DOE is
      reported as saying that algae yield 30 times more energy per acre than land
      crops such as soybeans, and some estimate even higher yields up to 15000
      gpa. Unused desert land (which receives high solar radiation) could be most
      effective for growing the algae, and the algae could utilize farm waste and
      excess CO2 from factories to help speed the growth of the algae."


      Does anyone know of a source that ranks the energy yield of biofuels per
      acre; replenishment cycle time, etc.?

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