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7346RE: [hreg] Commercial aircraft flight partial on biofuel

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  • J P Malone
    Feb 26, 2008
      Not sure how a question can be part of the problem.

      I agree with your comments on multiple fuels and methods and that one size
      does not fit all.
      However, it does seem to be appropriate to ask, in each local, what
      resources give the biggest bang for the buck.
      Why use soybeans & corn if algae (as an example only) can use less acreage
      and provide a greatly more efficient source of green fuel.
      Transporting/transmitting the energy produced is another big piece of the

      In Iceland, they have huge geo-thermal resources which they are exploiting.
      America has a diverse range of climates and resources. So it still seems
      productive to ask which are most efficient. If a local climate will only
      allow the use of resources that start at number 44 in a ranking then that is
      where they should at least start considering which resources to use.

      Designing consumer & industrial products so that there is no waste (Wm.
      McDonough, Cradle to Cradle) is a good way to stop feeding the beast while
      working on a Green Manhattan Project. The original Manhattan Project took
      less than 4 years and $20 billion (in 2007 $) from conception to Hiroshima.
      That is only about 2 months of the Iraq War cost. So a Green Manhattan
      Project is feasible if we can get our new leaders to commit to it.

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      Which fuel? They are not one size fits all, even if we are talking
      about a single crop, it will depend on how the land has been treated.
      Many biofuels are made from waste material that has become a hazard,
      many wastes are wasted because people are too squeamish to use them
      properly such as methane production from solid waste plants.

      This question is part of the problem. The use of virgin anything grown
      strictly for biofuel will always be inherently wrong. It is the use of
      byproducts and waste for fuel that will be the saving grace.

      For example, Bamboo can be grown to do many jobs at the same time. A
      single harvesting of bamboo can provide pulp for paper and a very high
      quality livestock feed at the same time. Which of course helps to
      provide manure which gives fuel and fertilizer for the bamboo. This is
      appropriate for our climate, other climates have other cycles.

      Thinking in isolation will not solve our problems, we need to look for
      circles that can be closed.

      Bright Blessings,

      J P Malone wrote:

      > Does anyone know of a source that ranks the energy yield of biofuels per
      > acre; replenishment cycle time, etc.?

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