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7182Re: [hreg] RE experience

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  • Susan Modikoane
    Jan 9, 2008
      Try looking at the online courses from Solar Energy International.

      William <stangfam@...> wrote:
      Hello all,
      I have been a residential electrician (some
      commercial/industri al) for almost 28 years now. I have tried before to
      brainstorm how to get RE experience while staying employed to keep my
      family finances intact. While exploring the job market nationally most
      employers want someone already versed in the trade of Solar lets say.
      OK, well I looked at getting certified either in Austin or Colorado to
      be able to sit for the NABCEP exam. The courses are quite expensive
      and consume precious work time ($$). Being self-employed this presents
      quite a situation I have always had a passion for RE, homebuilding,
      along with passive/mass solar installations and this has become quite
      frustrating. With all of the problem-solving and intelligence from
      this group I plead my case for any ideas that you all may have.
      Thank you all in advance,
      William B. Stange

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