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7156Congressman Green doesn't believe in peak oil

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  • Nan Hildreth
    Jan 3, 2008
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      At our meeting with Congressman Green today, he said he didn't
      believe in peak oil. He said that folks had been saying for decades
      that oil production was going to peak and then we find more
      oil. He said we need oil to grow our economy so he doesn't want
      oil production over-regulated. I replied that our economy would
      slump if we didn't find ways to use energy with more thrift. I said
      Texas is using more oil than we produce. He said that we can keep on
      importing it.

      He is opposed to building more coal-fired electricity generating
      plants because of their air pollution. He supports building more
      natural gas and nuclear power plants. I talked about energy
      efficiency. He was impressed that the Texas legislator from the
      Panhandle, Warren Chisum, was organizing a Carbon Management
      Caucus. That's a global warming caucus. Green did not agree to
      support the Safe Climate Act.

      Congressman Green is important because he is on the House Energy and
      Commerce Committee. Green was one of only seven Democrats that voted
      against the America's Security and Energy Independence Act bill that
      would have cut corporate welfare to energy corporations to finance
      clean energy and energy efficiency. He voted against the
      environment on all six 2007 votes that were a choice between fossil
      fuels and the environment. (from League of Conservation Voters).

      Please ask your friends in Gene Green's District to write him about
      the urgent need for energy thrift and to develop clean energy.

      Nan Hildreth, Houston 713-842-6643 713-443-3104,

      "What if the secret behind civilization is that we've had really good
      weather? ... A sudden cooling and drying 8,200 years ago set back
      the development of the first cities in the Fertile Crescent. Some
      4,000 years ago, decades of drought accompanied by howling winds
      scoured the Mesopotamian plain of the Akkadians, the most powerful
      civilization of the region. The Mayans never recovered from intense
      drought in the first decade of the tenth century A.D. ...

      Now climate is changing again."