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6976Re: [hreg] Re: UK's theory on growing biofuels w/ocean algae

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  • William & Cynthia Stange
    Nov 1, 2007
      Since we call our planet the "Blue Planet" and that 75 % (+/-) of the Earths surface is water I'd say that it's a safe bet it is not only do-able but there are plenty of people already working on it. I have an older book "Seafarm" by Elisabeth Mann Borgese in it there is a description of Florida and their blue-green algae. This strain of algae easily produces Hydrogen as part of its waste product. According to Akira Matsui ,U. of Miami researcher "all the energy a home uses in Florida could be drawn from an algae tank 8 meters square and 1 meter deep. That book was published in 1980!!  Only 15% of our deep oceans have even been explored, there is so much more to know of our oceans (that we are currently destroying).
      www.ocean.com is a great resource to see current and future prospects from the sea. Click the news button to reveal the oldest living animal on earth is an Arctic clam at 405 years old? We seem to have a lot to learn. Bill
      Ed Sarlls <edsarlls@...> wrote:
      Might save everyone from doing a search.
      A Google search for "algae fuel Boeing " gives 143,000 hits. Aircraft companies would go out of business without fuel so alternate sources are getting a lot of attention. This is a good time for anyone who can find a more efficient algae or a better method of growing it.
      Ed Sarlls
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