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6972Re: UK's theory on growing biofuels w/ocean algae

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  • Stephanie Edwards-Musa
    Nov 1 6:50 AM
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      Hi William,

      A professor at the University of Hawaii is working on a similar
      project. Essentially they would use CO2 emissions from existing
      plants to 'grow' the algae (pond scum) and mix with sunlight. Here
      is a link for Professor Fu's project. It is very interesting.


      Thanks for sending us a great link!

      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, "William" <stangfam@...> wrote:
      > Farming algae for gas and oil production? Link at the bottom of the
      > page.
      > It's "outside the box" thinking like this that may one day fall on
      > concept that utilizes energy production in parallel with the Earths
      > ecosystems instead of agaist them. Maybe captive ponds would give
      > better insurance to not disrupt current environs, with the
      > of hydro-electric being generated with any of the fall/movement of
      > waters.
      > In a microcosm take the bayous of our areas. It has taken an
      > amount of energy and materials to corral and direct natural/flood
      > waters thru the city yet, there is no thought of using that moving
      > water to generate energy back into our system. While working with
      > & Harris Co. Flood Control to give natural areas considerations
      > of the output given our heavy storms and runoff? Small micro-
      > generating plants at flood control gates, every existing structure
      > that crosses the bayous(bridges/spillways). I think our rainfall
      > this year is around 53 inches, multiply that against what COULD
      > been generated? I realize it is not an answer to total energy
      > independence but it may add to what we need. Another part of the
      > answer. Just a science fiction day dream of what could be achieved
      > scientists are looking at growing algae for oil/gas.
      > Any thoughts on the reality of this out there?
      > 11/1/07 barrel of crude 96.00 and counting......Bill
      > http://motoring.reuters.co.uk/reuters/vocmain.jsp?lnk=101&id=2432
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