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6883Establishing a National Renewable Energy Portfolio and more...

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  • Jim & Janet
    Oct 3, 2007
      This legislation will, if passed, eliminate the $2000.00 cap on residential PV installations and extend the tax credit for many more years at a full 30%, but only if it passes. Here is your opportunity to help establish support by your congress member who probably has no clue just how many voters in their district support RE legislation.
      Now, if you hate having to create a "letter" to send then just make it simple, one sentance can speak volumes. And you don't have to act like Miss Manners, you are allowed to be forceful, get mad, remind them an election is coming, whatever.
      And if you are paranoid about having to include your name and address to lobby your member of congress, well you don't have to worry. People on "subversive" discussion sites like this have been on the ENEMIES LIST of the "secret government" for years. You knew that already didn't you? :>)
      Seriously, though, this bill is a watershead piece of legislation that can potentially make or break the renewable energy industry for years to come in the US.
      Thanks for your support.

      The US Solar Energy Industries Association, SEIA, is calling on US citizens to lobby their member of Congress to support the forthcoming energy bill. For more details follow the link below.

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