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  • Becky Merritt
    Feb 1, 2001

      I've been thinking for some time about a solar demonstration house. I like your idea of a bed & breakfast, too. How about the name "Powerhouse"? We want people to associate solar energy with strength & power.

      Becky Merritt

      >>> steve@... - 1/31/01 11:53 AM >>>
      Hey Group, I have an idea: A demonstration house for energy effinciency and
      renewable energy use. Not a new idea, and problematic regarding ownership.
      But,what if it were a Bread & Breakfast? The resident caretaker would get a
      break on the rent, and we could have an income stream from room rentals.
      Meanwhile, the guests would be seeing energy efficiency in action as well as
      other sustainable practices performed by the caretakers. It seems like
      various grants could be obtained for something like this. How does "The
      Solar Hotel" sound?

      Obviously, this would be a major undertaking, but worth running up the

      Steve Stelzer
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