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  • ChasMauch@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2001
      Steve, Robert, et al:
      Lots of interesting ideas on this list lately. Get enough folks brainstorming
      and you never know what will come out of it. Yes I am still interested in the
      original idea of the "house of the future" but not the B&B.
      My wife always liked the idea of a B&B but I think she visualized a rustic
      house in a scenic location with a cook, a maid, and other staff to do the
      heavy lifting while she schmoozed with lots of interesting guests, but from
      what I hear, the owners do most of the work primarily for the love of it and
      don't make that much money.
      I would still like to do something about the house but would want it to be in
      an urban area, preferably inside the loop. Probably not practical but glad to
      see not everyone has forgotten about the idea and still appreciate new
      thoughts about it.
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