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6423Re: [HoustonPeakOil] Click2Houston 8 p.m. Headlines: President Wants Lower Emissions Next Year

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  • Ariel Thomann
    Jun 1, 2007
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      And just a few hours earlier, NASA boss Michael Griffin probably thought he was
      making brown-nose points with the big boss, while alienating his own scientists,
      when he said:

      "I have no doubt that … a trend of global warming exists. I am not sure that it
      is fair to say that it is a problem we must wrestle with", etc.

      Poor Griffin. He hadn't heard yet about Bush's latest flip-flop (he who stays
      the course...) I guess Griffin is spending the weekend suspended from the NASA
      clothesline, hung out to dry.

      - We are all Human beings here together. We have to help one another, since
      otherwise there is NO ONE who will help.
      - All countries need a NO REGRETS strategic energy policy. Think ahead 7

      > Excerpt from KPRC Click2Houston news..
      > Howard Bingham
      > ====================================
      > President Wants Lower Emissions Next Year
      > President George W. Bush urged 15 major nations to agree by the end of next
      > on a global target for reducing greenhouse gases.
      > MORE DETAILS: <http://www.click2houston.com/tu/5pgaP1tUd.html>
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