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6417RE: [hreg] Continental Airlines offers carbon offsetting program

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  • Dan S.
    May 31, 2007
      Yep  your right  they did kill the High Speed rail system and now is when we really need it. with Gas going through the roof.
      Dan S.
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      Ah, but you may recall they are the ones that gunned down the Texas high speed rail system.  Or would that have traveled half full?  (I’ll bet not, after 9/11, when Houston-Dallas is hardly worth flying anymore due to the check-in time requirements) .

      Robert Johnston

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      I dunno. I think I'll stick with my beloved nutty Southwest -- a full plane is
      much more fuel-efficient than one that's half empty, or so I think. Am I right?

      - We are all Human beings here together. We have to help one another, since
      otherwise there is NO ONE who will help.
      - All countries need a NO REGRETS strategic energy policy. Think ahead 7
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      > Article in today's Chronicle says Continental will offer passengers a chance
      > to counter the environmental effects of their flights by participating in a
      > carbon offsetting program.
      > _http://www.chron. com/disp/ story.mpl/ business/ 4849662.html_
      > (http://www.chron. com/disp/ story.mpl/ business/ 4849662.html)
      > ************ ********* ********* ******** See what's free at http://www.aol. com.

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