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6121RE: [hreg] Pickens: Oil-smart ($80 oil this year) but Water-nasty.

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  • evelyn sardina
    May 1, 2007
      I like the oxigenics that I purchased.  You are right, it does take getting used to, if you ever do.  I had bought a low flow with a filter before, I won't say the brand, but it was $200 dollars. I never did get used to it so I would end up using my regular hand held.  I payed $50 dollars a piece for the ones I have now and i am very happy with them.  Thank you for your advice on the water circulator. Buy the way there are oxigenics that are cheaper if you don't care to have the handheld.  I don't sell this product but the malls sell them and you can buy on internet also.  Evelyn

      Kevin Conlin <kconlin@...> wrote:
      Evelyn,  If you are going to use a water circulator, you should do two things:  Insulate every last inch of hot water piping throughout the house, and put a timer on it so it only runs during the time of day the showers or your heavy hot water loads are used or run.  Otherwise you will be wasting a lot more money than you are now.
      With regard to low flow shower heads, I have been using one for 15 years, they take a little getting used to, but the one I have works just fine.  Please don¬ít ask the brand, it has been way too long, but it is basically an aerator which mixes air into the stream of water.  I did notice that with the aerator type you have to increase the hot water flow a little because the air introduced from aeration does cool the water slightly.
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      Subject: Re: [hreg] Pickens: Oil-smart ($80 oil this year) but Water-nasty.
      What is a water miser and is this the same as an oxigenics shower head?  I plan to do more water conservation and I bought and installed these in my bathroom and love them.I bought the handhelds they were not cheap!  It all adds up so I am going bit by bit.  I want to buy a water circulator so that I don't have to wait for the water to get hot thus wasting money. I currently have a gas water heater.
      Thank You,

      Garth & Kim Travis <gartht@txcyber. com> wrote:
      If you are using or planning on using a gas powered tankless water
      heater, do not use a water miser shower. The flow rate will be too low
      for the system and you will have cold showers. I have never used the
      electric ones so I haven't got a clue about them. This is another
      little piece of data that is not publicized about tankless systems.

      Most of the water in Texas is high in salt. If you garden, do your
      plants and our planet a favor, put in a water catchment system. Another
      really good option is to change you lawn to a low water lawn like
      buffalo grass, if you can't turn it into a garden. Buffalo grass also
      grows slowly so not as much cutting to do.

      Bright Blessings,

      Ariel Thomann wrote:
      > > I am often told "stop preaching generalities unless you tell me what can I do
      > concretely at home". Check the following, start by buying a shower switch
      > http://www.niagarac onservation. com/Showerhead% 20Accessories. htm [800-831-8383
      > ext. 184 for Texas area: Wayne Dagelman], or go from there:
      > http://www.h2ouse. org/ and
      > http://www.h2ouse. org/tour/ details/element_ action_contents. cfm?elementID= D4D1D449- 3191-4C6A- 91001A97C2FC4A2E &actionID= 78FA9A8B- 2756-4B2E- 88D58A48310FAA76 &roomID=8183044A -3219-48E2- A965ACB77A568AC4
      > (By the way: I am NOT in this business, will pay full price for mine!)

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      Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
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